How the Beats by Dre Empire Holds Up Against the Competition Coming for Their Spot on Top


The Beat Goes On


Considered by many to be the top of the line when it comes to Headphones, Speakers, and Earphones, are Beats by Dre really the best products you can buy when it comes to your music listening experience? Though they may be the most popular on the market, many different companies have made headphones to rival Beats since the rise of the Dre Empire. Companies like Beyerdynamic, Sony, and Grain have produced some incredible headphones to rival Beats by Dre’s current product line. Below we’ll look at some of the more exceptional competitors to Beats current line-up. The entirety of Beats by Dre’s current selection can be viewed on their website at


The Sound of an Empire502116-beats-by-dre-2-617-409


If you’re a casual listener, you’ve probably been looking at the Beats Solo2s in wireless or non-wireless or Beats by Dre’s new line of earphones like the Tour and Powerbeats2. While all of these are exceptional products, there are definitely products on the market that match their sound for around the same price or far more inexpensive. Bose Sound True’s offer a great alternative to the Solo2s, they sound amazing, are compact, and sit comfortably on the ears, which is a problem with long term use of the Solo2s. Do the Solo2s sound bad? No. They sound incredible, but Boss has managed a better sound, better design, and more comfortable headphone for around the same price as you’d pay for a pair of Solo2s. The Bose Sound True’s can be viewed and ordered from Amazon here:

If you’re more in the market for earphones, you can do much better price and sound wise than either the Tour’s or Powerbeat2s. The Sony XBA-H1 offers a far superior sound to either the Tour’s or the Powerbeat2s as well as noise isolation and hybrid 2 way driver unit for profound and wide bass and vocal sounds. At around a hundred dollars The Sony XBA-H1 is half the cost of Beats by Dre’s Tours or Powerbeats2 and provides all the same great features. The Sony XBA-H1’s can be viewed and ordered here: 


Better Than the Best?dre1


In conclusion, though many audiophiles and musicians are in love with their beats, producers and mixers have always had a dislike of Beats by Dre, which is ironic considering Dre’s legacy as a producer. Beats headphones and earphones are a great option for fans and people that must have the most fashionable cultural accessories. However, if you’re willing to do your research, there are a multitude of much more inexpensive options that provide a clearer and better sound than any of Beats by Dre’s popular product line.




Headphone vs Earphones Which Is Better


Headphones versus earphones is a classic debate that has been raging for years. There are people who believe that headphones are far superior to earphones. However, earphone supporters endorse these hearing devices because they believe them to be the best type of hearing product. The following material will present the pros and cons of each type of product.




Headphones are audio devices that usually covers a person’s ears. They are designed to provide optimal audio sound with little or no outside interference. Headphones provides listeners with the best musical or audio experience. People who wear headphones can hear their music in detail and the sound quality is usually great.


There are some drawbacks to wearing headphones. They are bulky and heavy when compared to earphones. Headphones will also mess up a person’s hair (a female’s in particular) and they can irritate a person who wearing earrings. Many people do not run, exercise or train with headphones on because they are impractical for this type of activity.




Earphones are also known as earbuds and they are designed to be lightweight audio devices. They are not useful for delivering high quality music or sounds. However, headphones are best suited for listening to small music devices. They are easy to transport since they only fit inside of a person’s ear canal. Many people work out with headphones because of their lightweight feel.


Earphones are best suited for people who might want some privacy but do not want to be completely shut off from the world. Headphones are great for people who want to drown out outside sounds and be completely lost in a world of music.


General Comparisonsheadphone_vs_earbuds


Headphones are more expensive than earphones and they are more durable. However, they are still prone to break. When they do people will have to pay more money to replace them. Headphones also make people sweat; especially during the summer time. Earphones do not cause this problem but they can be quickly broken because they are so flimsy.


The Verdict


Earphones are easy to wear even though they provide inferior sound. Headphones are best suited for listening to music; even though they are heavy and bulky. Ultimately, headphones are best suited for stationary use at home or within a studio and earphones are best used for travel and for listening to music while on the go.





A Bitter Pill to Swallow? Beats Pill by Dre – Reviewed


First launched in 2012, the Beats Pill is a portable Bluetooth speaker, produced as a spin-off of the widely successful Beats by Dre headphones. Like the ubiquitous headphones, it’s hard to avoid seeing the Beats Pill everywhere you look, but just how good of a speaker actually are they? This review of the Beats Pill by Dre aims to find out.Beats-by-Dr-Dre-Pill-Bluetooth-Wireless-Audio-System-1205-1




As a brand which was famously bought by Apple for $3 billion, it is no surprise that one of the main draws of the Beats Pill is the cultural capital it affords you. Quite simply, the Beats Pill is a cool, high-status purchase. It has been featured in the music videos of Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus, and there can be no doubt that much of the appeal of the product comes from the kudos it will earn you. Saying that, there can be no doubt that the Pill is also an effortlessly stylish product, with its name-appropriate form factor, and prominent Beats logo being design high points. It’s also very easy to use, with minimal buttons, and simple to set up Bluetooth – phones with NFC can be paired by tapping the device on the speaker. The device also comes with an internal microphone, allowing you to make calls, and features a USB port which can charge your other devices on the move.



Whilst Beats headphones are famous for their distinctive punchy bass sound, this is sorely lacking from the Beats Pill, which produces a treble-heavy output that is sure to disappoint music fans. The sound of the Pill unfortunately lacks the subtlety offered by other speakers, replacing it with a thin, slightly soulless sound, which particularly struggles when the volume is turned up high.



Without a doubt, the biggest problem with the Beats Pill by Dre is its excessive price, which makes the device a substantial purchase, which doesn’t really offer you your money’s worth. It’s easy to suspect you’re paying more for brand and status than a decent, high-quality Bluetooth speaker.





This review of the Beats Pill by Dre has shown that ultimately the device is a perfect example of style over substance, its recognizable brand and handsome design are not enough to justify its expensive cost, especially when the sound quality is not up to scratch. If you’re looking for a trendy speaker which offers acceptable sound quality, then this is definitely the device for you, but if you’d rather spend your money on decent and impressive sound, there are speakers out there which, unlike the Pill, are more than worth their price point.







    • Famous, high-status brand


    • Iconic and attractive design


    • Decent extra features






    • Disappointing sound


    • Very high price tag





Review of the Powerbeats2 Earphone Range


Right on the heels of the uber-popular Solo 2, Powerbeats 2 Wireless is the new on-ear model from Beats. The new product is the Bluetooth version of Powerbeats sports earphones. The company’s original wired Powerbeats have been present in the market for quite some time now. In the recent past, basketball star LeBron James gave them a significant boost by promoting the earphones in a highly memorable US television ad.




The Powerbeats2 are sweatproof. Nonetheless, they are not waterproof. They come in colors black, red, and white. In some ways, the earphones are reminiscent of the initial corded Powerbeats in the sense that they bring with them similar ear hooks that keep them securely in the head.




The performance of these earphones is second to none. Enjoy tracks with powerful sub-bass content. Fill your ears with gobs and gobs of throbbing bass, which sound like those from a club PA. The earphones do not show any form of distortion even on challenging deep bass tracks regardless of how high the volume levels are. In moderate volumes, they produce sounds that are overly bass-heavy, lacking in high, and high-mid frequency definition. The imbalance comes through on other tunes even more prominently.


More freedom


From the court to the street, Powerbeats2 Wireless offer you the utmost freedom to take your workout anywhere. The earphone’s wireless Bluetooth allows you to connect up to thirty feet from your Bluetooth-enabled iPod, Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone. Doing so enables you to move freely and remain focused on your gym session/workout.


The earphones bring with them a rechargeable battery with an impressive six-hour playback that offers you the power to enjoy your music right to the end. Are you empty? If yes, then a quick fifteen-minute fast charge will surely deliver one extra hour of continuous playback.


Prosmaxresdefault (4)


    • Water and sweat resistant


    • Rechargeable six-hour battery


    • Premium sound performance


    • Premium sound performance


    • Smaller, lighter with a flexible ear hook


    • No-slip grip in-line microphone that is perfect for remote calls





    • Do not automatically shut off whenever they are disconnected from a device


    • Relatively expensive


    • Battery life could be much better



Bottom Line


Undeniably, in-ear wireless sports headphones are extremely hard to do right. To be fair, Beats has surely gotten it right in most aspects with their Powerbeats2 Wireless. As much as the Powerbeats2 earphones are overpriced, they are without a doubt one of the best and most fantastic wireless sports earphones the market has to offer.




Ballin’ on a Budget: The Top Budget Headphones Available on the Market Today

Ballin’ on a Budget: The Top Budget Headphones Available on the Market Today


The Best Sound without Paying For it


Getting the best sound quality for your all time favorite album or musician doesn’t have to include breaking your wallet for the most expensive piece of headset equipment on the market. With the economy fluctuating and consumers turning into bargain shoppers companies are now trying to provide great products at reasonable prices. This practice is allowing devoted listeners to purchase their favorite headsets or earbuds at pocket friendly prices while still getting great products. Below we will be examining three of the headsets and earbuds that are pocket friendly and still have great quality.


Finding Top Quality Headphones on a Budget484981-best-headphones


Urbeats with Beats By Dre is one of the most famous budget friendly earphones on the market. With Beats By Dre being a famous brand most committed listeners are sure to check these products out when selecting a choice of earbuds to suit them. Urbeats earbuds run at the price of $99.00, this is a bargain compared to some that run mid-hundreds to low-thousands on cost. They provide the well known deep bass with soaring highs and clear mid-range. The metal housing on the earbuds leaves the listener with an undisturbed listening experience. Urbeats is one of the few budget friendly headsets that offer the listener with a RemoteTalk cable to use during phone calls when plugged into any cellular device. You can order Urbeats and view further specs at the beats by dre website


Another friendly budget product is the Sennheiser Urbanite On-Ear. These headphones will run the listener around $80.00 on Amazon but can be a little more expensive around the $130.00 range at places such as Best Buy. The marketers of this headphone claim to beat Dre’s beats at their own game with the bass range offered to the listener. They also claim to have an incredibly detailed treble and mid range. While these headphones are comfortable to headband itself lacks padding, this can allow for slipping of the headset if the listener is active, so they may not be well for those who want to use them during workouts and other strenuous activities.


A cheaper earbud available to any listener is the Shure SE112. These earbuds offer a clear, open sound stage. They are built with a solid construction and are easily available for a price of only $49.00. They provide a respectable level of detail on the earbuds and work great at isolating and shutting out passive noise so the listener can get the best quality. The only downfall to these earbuds is that the upper register is a little snappy and there isn’t any control piece that offers a mic to be used with the earbuds. You can find the Shure SE112’s at online shopping centers like or


What Will you be Listening to?


In Conclusion, there are many great headphones available on a budget and the ones listed here are only three of the most inexpensive with the best sound quality. It is highly recommended buying Beats by Dre from the official website due to the high volume of fakes being produced, the others however, are available mostly anywhere online. These headphones will have you rocking out or bumping all your favorite artists with enough money left over to add to your music collection.






Review of The Solo2 Special Edition By Dre


The Next Generation in Solo Music


Considered one of the top of the line craftsmen when it comes to headphones, earphones, and speakers for producers and professional musicians, when Beats by Dre makes a pair of headphones for the fans they don’t cop out when it comes to allowing you to hear your favorite artists the way they want to be heard. The Solo headphones have always been a staple of Beats by Dre’s product line dating almost all the way back to the beginning of the company. With the launch of the Solo2s in both wireless and non-wireless Dre ups the ante on this classic model. Below we’ll explore the Beats by Dre Solo2s in depth and look at some pros and cons of the model.


Bring the Beat in!beats-solo-2-3


On the official Beats by Dre website ( the Solo2s are wrote up as having a more dynamic and wider range of sound along with a streamlined design, custom fit, and on the wireless model the ability to adjust volume, change songs, and even take calls without having to reach for your device. The Solo2s mostly hold up to the promises made by the company, providing a sound with deep acoustics and a wide and open tone, a notable advancement on the signature sound of Beats by Dre products.


Though the sound is definitely an improvement from the originals, this is where the Solo2s hit their first snag in my book. These probably won’t be the favorite headphones of audiophiles or producers, as the sound on the Beats Studio and Pros is much clearer and sonically bigger, but the Solo2s can definitely hold their own in their intended market as far as sound quality goes. The advertised ‘Custom fit’ is the other place where I have to hit the Solo2s. Though they do provide a snug ergonomic fit, which is at first nice and comfortable, the headphones become tight and uncomfortable after awhile of use, and may not be the model you want to wear for those long evening walks.


The Solo2 Final Opinion


In the end, the Solo2s hold up as a great option for fans who want the most out of their sound. Though it may not be enough of a sonic boost for use in the studio or to track recordings by professional musicians, for their intended market, in my opinion, these headphones are definitely worth the price and provide just what the casual listener is looking for. The Beats by Dre Solo2s come in wireless and non-wireless, in your selection of nine colors. If you’re thinking of purchasing, I would recommend reading a few different reviews to ensure this is the right headphone option for you, like the one at TechCrunch here: . If you’re a fan who wants to hear the music the way the artists hears it, then these are the headphones for you. 4.5/5





Finding the Right Beats by Dre to Provide the Soundtrack to your Life

Are You Looking for the Perfect Sound for Your Life?solo2-family-shot2



Are you a producer? an artist? an athlete? or simply a fan and music lover? Do you:


    • Need to hear every note of your music in the studio?


    • Need to hear your sonic creations in the highest quality sound?


    • Need a pair of headphones that are not only resilient and stay out of your way while you’re putting in work but also provide a crystal clear and loud sound for those intense moments?


    • Want to hear your favorite bands and artists the way they want to be heard?



If you’re thinking of purchasing any of the top of the line and highly sought Beats by Dre products, no matter what your role in the scene, you obviously know the difference in superior and lackluster sound. With so many different products on the market however, it can be difficult to traverse through the multitude of Beats headphones and speakers available today. Below we’ll examine a few different types of Beats by Dre and the specifications that make them perfect to provide the sound track to your day to day.


Finding the Beat for Youbeats_2647973b



All of Beats by Dre’s products can be found online at the official website ( with the exception of some of their older discontinued models. Wearable products are split into two categories, headphones and earphones, while speakers make up the third half of Beat’s product line. In the headphones category the official Beats site currently offers four main options, the Solo2 in wireless and non-wireless, the Studio Wireless, and the Pro. These are all continuations of older Beats models. If you’re a musician or producer the Studio Wireless and Pro Models are what you are looking for. Both feature Bluetooth ability and hands free calling while providing the crisp solid tone you expect to hear from a pair of studio headphones. Noise cancellation capability also allows you to hone in on your work while putting in time at the studio.


The Solo2’s in both versions are the headphones meant for everyday wear, whether you prefer living your life with or without the wire. Specially designed for comfortable long term wear and custom fitting, the Solo2’s streamlined design comes in eight colors total and four never before offered for whatever style you’re rocking. With a wide range of clear dynamic sound, you won’t ever miss a note again.


For athletes looking for the best sound quality for inspiration during training or if you’re looking for a pair of beats to deliver the boost you need but stay out of your way, perhaps the Beats earphones are more your thing. Beats by Dre currently offers four different types of earphones the Powerbeats2 in both non-wireless and wireless, as well as the Tour2’s, and their bullet earphones the Urbeats. All Earphones are designed for durability and long term wear, though if you’re looking for something to hold up during those particularly strenuous workouts, the Powerbeats2 feature sweat and water resistance in both their wireless and non-wireless incarnations.


When the Music Fades



In conclusion, if you’re looking for a pair of headphones that can provide you with a sound quality unlike any other, Beats by Dre is one of the leading product makers on the market. If you are ordering your beats online, it is highly recommended that you purchase from Beats by Dre’s official site due to the high volume of fake Beats produced, though it is worth noting that from sites like Amazon or Walmart ( you may be able to find old versions of the current Beats lines for sale at more inexpensive costs. If you’re searching for the perfect headphones to provide the soundtrack to your life, though you may better suit the options to your specifications, you really can’t go wrong with Beats by Dre.








Finding the Right Headphones to Achieve the Perfect Sound from Your Studio Work





As every professional musician, producer, and engineer knows, the better quality equipment you have in the studio, the better quality work you’re going to be able to achieve. Not only is it important for musicians and vocalists to be able to clearly hear band mates recordings to take cues from, but the right headphones are one very important tool for producers and engineers in finding the right sound when mixing and mastering. Below, we’ll examine a few different pairs of headphones that can take your studio game to the next level.


The Right Headphones for You



When buying headphones for studio work it’s important to know what you’re looking for and if you want the highest of high quality sounds from your recordings, you may want to buy different types of headphones for different tasks. Closed back headphones that don’t allow noise to leak are far superior to open back headphones when recording, but the reverse is true during mixing and mastering. You also want to try to find a pair of headphones with a flat responsive EQ for a natural and truer sound. All of the headphones are available for purchase on the company’s website or from or


Sennheiser’s HD 280 Pro headphones offer a closed back, around the ear design for extreme noise isolation, allowing you to zone in on the music when recording. The HD 280 Pros were designed by Sennheiser to go above and beyond the standard headphone requirements in a professional environment. The Pros dynamic sound provides linear accurate sonic reproduction for the most tedious recording processes aided by the closed back design and considering their capabilities go for an inexpensive price online. The HD 280 Pros are the perfect pair of headphones if you need to outfit your studio with recording equipment on a budget.


Featuring a closed ear dynamic design and providing clear and precise sound for recording and mixing applications, Sony’s MDR 7506 Professional Headphones offer the top of the line in the pro headphone market. These exceptionally priced headphones are one of the most popular choices among musicians and producers, providing great sound for recording or mixing while remaining comfortable during the longest sessions. Though a bit more expensive than the HD 280 Pros, Sony’s MDR 7506’s are well worth the few extra dollars for their stamina, sound, and reputation.


Finally, Direct Sound’s Ex-29 Isolating Headphones, offer a closed back high quality solution for essentially any monitoring environment. The Ex-29’s padded ear cushions dually provide comfort for long tracking sessions as well as extreme noise isolation. High fidelity input speakers reproduce sound on a professional level no matter what your studio or recording desires. These headphones come around the same price as Sony’s MDR 7506’s and may be the best option for you depending on your needs.


Mastering Your Pursuit for the Perfect Headphones



Though this short guide offers some insight into what to look for and some of the most popular and highest quality choices for studio headphones, this is by no means a complete list and time and research should be put into finding the perfect headphones to achieve the sound you’re looking for. Taking the time to figure out exactly what you’ll be using your headphones for and what specifications you need to pull out the perfect sonic creation you’re looking for will help you in finding the right headphones for your signature studio sound.





Which Beats are the best ones for you?

Which Beats are the best ones for you?

#1. Beats pill

These are small speakers that are very portable and they can be carried anywhere that you go. They have the best clarity of sound and they produce sound that is more than their size. They have been made with a sound refurbishment technology where sound is filtered to become fine and pleasing. Having three speakers in one pill, they produce satisfactory sounds that one can enjoy music to the maximum level possible.

#2. Solo wireless Rose Gold headphones

If you are looking for a classic style, an enormous appearance and a different view of social class level, these are the head phones that can make people respect you for who you are. They are coated with gold making them to shine. They soft ear pads that enables you to use them for a long time without feeling pain on your pinna. Owing to the noise cancellation technology, they you listen to music clearly anywhere no matter how crowded or noisy the place is. It has a Bluetooth that you can connect to your car system to enjoy music and handle calls automatically.

#4. Ur beats earphones

These are one of the latest earphones that have given entertainment satisfaction to the people. They were tested by Dre himself through the Dre Audio beats technology. They have a deep bass with a clear midrange that makes sound and music appear as clear as wanted by the listener. They have a remote talk cable that enables the user to take calls and control the play list. To make it comfortable for listeners, they all have the noise cancellation feature. Their ear cover is tender and smooth to reduce pressure on the ears.

5 things you didn’t know about Beats by Dre

5 things you didn’t know about Beats by Dre

#1. Founder is Dr. Dre

He is the founder of the company and also a producer. Dr Dre normally used to put more emphasis that the beats produced determine the performance of the artiste that is why he ensured that better sound and recording materials are manufactured to improve performance of the artistes.

#2. Products are produced by Apple

Dre is the founder of this company. But since he values professionalism, he appointed apple to make the products because it has the best features and technologies to produce or manufacture the best products at all times. Apple produces these products but brands them Dre to give credit to the founder and idea bearer of this whole thing. That is why the products are of high quality because Apple has never ever produced something of that is substandard.

#3. It has won so many awards.

Beats by Dre, together with Apple has won so many awards following its launch. Dre is one of the most celebrated rappers who is also a produce. Beats by Dre are undeniable because they are from Apple, who are the leading experts in the manufacture electronics.

#4. 1992 Dr. Dre sued threatened the his dream

Ruthless records breathed fire on Dre when he breached a contract that he signed. This made Easy-E to sue Dre where he made a lot of loses. This came at a point when Dre was planning to start and expand his beats by Dre company which. It was a tough situation but Dre still managed.

#5. They have thousands of stores across the world

You may think that it is only in the United States where Dr Dre beats products are sold. This company has deepened its roots to the third world countries as well.