#1. Founder is Dr. Dre

He is the founder of the company and also a producer. Dr Dre normally used to put more emphasis that the beats produced determine the performance of the artiste that is why he ensured that better sound and recording materials are manufactured to improve performance of the artistes.

#2. Products are produced by Apple

Dre is the founder of this company. But since he values professionalism, he appointed apple to make the products because it has the best features and technologies to produce or manufacture the best products at all times. Apple produces these products but brands them Dre to give credit to the founder and idea bearer of this whole thing. That is why the products are of high quality because Apple has never ever produced something of that is substandard.

#3. It has won so many awards.

Beats by Dre, together with Apple has won so many awards following its launch. Dre is one of the most celebrated rappers who is also a produce. Beats by Dre are undeniable because they are from Apple, who are the leading experts in the manufacture electronics.

#4. 1992 Dr. Dre sued threatened the his dream

Ruthless records breathed fire on Dre when he breached a contract that he signed. This made Easy-E to sue Dre where he made a lot of loses. This came at a point when Dre was planning to start and expand his beats by Dre company which. It was a tough situation but Dre still managed.

#5. They have thousands of stores across the world

You may think that it is only in the United States where Dr Dre beats products are sold. This company has deepened its roots to the third world countries as well.


5 things you didn’t know about Beats by Dre