The Best Sound without Paying For it


Getting the best sound quality for your all time favorite album or musician doesn’t have to include breaking your wallet for the most expensive piece of headset equipment on the market. With the economy fluctuating and consumers turning into bargain shoppers companies are now trying to provide great products at reasonable prices. This practice is allowing devoted listeners to purchase their favorite headsets or earbuds at pocket friendly prices while still getting great products. Below we will be examining three of the headsets and earbuds that are pocket friendly and still have great quality.


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Urbeats with Beats By Dre is one of the most famous budget friendly earphones on the market. With Beats By Dre being a famous brand most committed listeners are sure to check these products out when selecting a choice of earbuds to suit them. Urbeats earbuds run at the price of $99.00, this is a bargain compared to some that run mid-hundreds to low-thousands on cost. They provide the well known deep bass with soaring highs and clear mid-range. The metal housing on the earbuds leaves the listener with an undisturbed listening experience. Urbeats is one of the few budget friendly headsets that offer the listener with a RemoteTalk cable to use during phone calls when plugged into any cellular device. You can order Urbeats and view further specs at the beats by dre website


Another friendly budget product is the Sennheiser Urbanite On-Ear. These headphones will run the listener around $80.00 on Amazon but can be a little more expensive around the $130.00 range at places such as Best Buy. The marketers of this headphone claim to beat Dre’s beats at their own game with the bass range offered to the listener. They also claim to have an incredibly detailed treble and mid range. While these headphones are comfortable to headband itself lacks padding, this can allow for slipping of the headset if the listener is active, so they may not be well for those who want to use them during workouts and other strenuous activities.


A cheaper earbud available to any listener is the Shure SE112. These earbuds offer a clear, open sound stage. They are built with a solid construction and are easily available for a price of only $49.00. They provide a respectable level of detail on the earbuds and work great at isolating and shutting out passive noise so the listener can get the best quality. The only downfall to these earbuds is that the upper register is a little snappy and there isn’t any control piece that offers a mic to be used with the earbuds. You can find the Shure SE112’s at online shopping centers like or


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In Conclusion, there are many great headphones available on a budget and the ones listed here are only three of the most inexpensive with the best sound quality. It is highly recommended buying Beats by Dre from the official website due to the high volume of fakes being produced, the others however, are available mostly anywhere online. These headphones will have you rocking out or bumping all your favorite artists with enough money left over to add to your music collection.






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