#1. Beats pill

These are small speakers that are very portable and they can be carried anywhere that you go. They have the best clarity of sound and they produce sound that is more than their size. They have been made with a sound refurbishment technology where sound is filtered to become fine and pleasing. Having three speakers in one pill, they produce satisfactory sounds that one can enjoy music to the maximum level possible.

#2. Solo wireless Rose Gold headphones

If you are looking for a classic style, an enormous appearance and a different view of social class level, these are the head phones that can make people respect you for who you are. They are coated with gold making them to shine. They soft ear pads that enables you to use them for a long time without feeling pain on your pinna. Owing to the noise cancellation technology, they you listen to music clearly anywhere no matter how crowded or noisy the place is. It has a Bluetooth that you can connect to your car system to enjoy music and handle calls automatically.

#4. Ur beats earphones

These are one of the latest earphones that have given entertainment satisfaction to the people. They were tested by Dre himself through the Dre Audio beats technology. They have a deep bass with a clear midrange that makes sound and music appear as clear as wanted by the listener. They have a remote talk cable that enables the user to take calls and control the play list. To make it comfortable for listeners, they all have the noise cancellation feature. Their ear cover is tender and smooth to reduce pressure on the ears.

Which Beats are the best ones for you?