The Beat Goes On


Considered by many to be the top of the line when it comes to Headphones, Speakers, and Earphones, are Beats by Dre really the best products you can buy when it comes to your music listening experience? Though they may be the most popular on the market, many different companies have made headphones to rival Beats since the rise of the Dre Empire. Companies like Beyerdynamic, Sony, and Grain have produced some incredible headphones to rival Beats by Dre’s current product line. Below we’ll look at some of the more exceptional competitors to Beats current line-up. The entirety of Beats by Dre’s current selection can be viewed on their website at


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If you’re a casual listener, you’ve probably been looking at the Beats Solo2s in wireless or non-wireless or Beats by Dre’s new line of earphones like the Tour and Powerbeats2. While all of these are exceptional products, there are definitely products on the market that match their sound for around the same price or far more inexpensive. Bose Sound True’s offer a great alternative to the Solo2s, they sound amazing, are compact, and sit comfortably on the ears, which is a problem with long term use of the Solo2s. Do the Solo2s sound bad? No. They sound incredible, but Boss has managed a better sound, better design, and more comfortable headphone for around the same price as you’d pay for a pair of Solo2s. The Bose Sound True’s can be viewed and ordered from Amazon here:

If you’re more in the market for earphones, you can do much better price and sound wise than either the Tour’s or Powerbeat2s. The Sony XBA-H1 offers a far superior sound to either the Tour’s or the Powerbeat2s as well as noise isolation and hybrid 2 way driver unit for profound and wide bass and vocal sounds. At around a hundred dollars The Sony XBA-H1 is half the cost of Beats by Dre’s Tours or Powerbeats2 and provides all the same great features. The Sony XBA-H1’s can be viewed and ordered here: 


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In conclusion, though many audiophiles and musicians are in love with their beats, producers and mixers have always had a dislike of Beats by Dre, which is ironic considering Dre’s legacy as a producer. Beats headphones and earphones are a great option for fans and people that must have the most fashionable cultural accessories. However, if you’re willing to do your research, there are a multitude of much more inexpensive options that provide a clearer and better sound than any of Beats by Dre’s popular product line.




How the Beats by Dre Empire Holds Up Against the Competition Coming for Their Spot on Top