Are You Looking for the Perfect Sound for Your Life?solo2-family-shot2



Are you a producer? an artist? an athlete? or simply a fan and music lover? Do you:


    • Need to hear every note of your music in the studio?


    • Need to hear your sonic creations in the highest quality sound?


    • Need a pair of headphones that are not only resilient and stay out of your way while you’re putting in work but also provide a crystal clear and loud sound for those intense moments?


    • Want to hear your favorite bands and artists the way they want to be heard?



If you’re thinking of purchasing any of the top of the line and highly sought Beats by Dre products, no matter what your role in the scene, you obviously know the difference in superior and lackluster sound. With so many different products on the market however, it can be difficult to traverse through the multitude of Beats headphones and speakers available today. Below we’ll examine a few different types of Beats by Dre and the specifications that make them perfect to provide the sound track to your day to day.


Finding the Beat for Youbeats_2647973b



All of Beats by Dre’s products can be found online at the official website ( with the exception of some of their older discontinued models. Wearable products are split into two categories, headphones and earphones, while speakers make up the third half of Beat’s product line. In the headphones category the official Beats site currently offers four main options, the Solo2 in wireless and non-wireless, the Studio Wireless, and the Pro. These are all continuations of older Beats models. If you’re a musician or producer the Studio Wireless and Pro Models are what you are looking for. Both feature Bluetooth ability and hands free calling while providing the crisp solid tone you expect to hear from a pair of studio headphones. Noise cancellation capability also allows you to hone in on your work while putting in time at the studio.


The Solo2’s in both versions are the headphones meant for everyday wear, whether you prefer living your life with or without the wire. Specially designed for comfortable long term wear and custom fitting, the Solo2’s streamlined design comes in eight colors total and four never before offered for whatever style you’re rocking. With a wide range of clear dynamic sound, you won’t ever miss a note again.


For athletes looking for the best sound quality for inspiration during training or if you’re looking for a pair of beats to deliver the boost you need but stay out of your way, perhaps the Beats earphones are more your thing. Beats by Dre currently offers four different types of earphones the Powerbeats2 in both non-wireless and wireless, as well as the Tour2’s, and their bullet earphones the Urbeats. All Earphones are designed for durability and long term wear, though if you’re looking for something to hold up during those particularly strenuous workouts, the Powerbeats2 feature sweat and water resistance in both their wireless and non-wireless incarnations.


When the Music Fades



In conclusion, if you’re looking for a pair of headphones that can provide you with a sound quality unlike any other, Beats by Dre is one of the leading product makers on the market. If you are ordering your beats online, it is highly recommended that you purchase from Beats by Dre’s official site due to the high volume of fake Beats produced, though it is worth noting that from sites like Amazon or Walmart ( you may be able to find old versions of the current Beats lines for sale at more inexpensive costs. If you’re searching for the perfect headphones to provide the soundtrack to your life, though you may better suit the options to your specifications, you really can’t go wrong with Beats by Dre.








Finding the Right Beats by Dre to Provide the Soundtrack to your Life