As every professional musician, producer, and engineer knows, the better quality equipment you have in the studio, the better quality work you’re going to be able to achieve. Not only is it important for musicians and vocalists to be able to clearly hear band mates recordings to take cues from, but the right headphones are one very important tool for producers and engineers in finding the right sound when mixing and mastering. Below, we’ll examine a few different pairs of headphones that can take your studio game to the next level.


The Right Headphones for You



When buying headphones for studio work it’s important to know what you’re looking for and if you want the highest of high quality sounds from your recordings, you may want to buy different types of headphones for different tasks. Closed back headphones that don’t allow noise to leak are far superior to open back headphones when recording, but the reverse is true during mixing and mastering. You also want to try to find a pair of headphones with a flat responsive EQ for a natural and truer sound. All of the headphones are available for purchase on the company’s website or from www.sweetwater.com or www.musiciansfriend.com.


Sennheiser’s HD 280 Pro headphones offer a closed back, around the ear design for extreme noise isolation, allowing you to zone in on the music when recording. The HD 280 Pros were designed by Sennheiser to go above and beyond the standard headphone requirements in a professional environment. The Pros dynamic sound provides linear accurate sonic reproduction for the most tedious recording processes aided by the closed back design and considering their capabilities go for an inexpensive price online. The HD 280 Pros are the perfect pair of headphones if you need to outfit your studio with recording equipment on a budget.


Featuring a closed ear dynamic design and providing clear and precise sound for recording and mixing applications, Sony’s MDR 7506 Professional Headphones offer the top of the line in the pro headphone market. These exceptionally priced headphones are one of the most popular choices among musicians and producers, providing great sound for recording or mixing while remaining comfortable during the longest sessions. Though a bit more expensive than the HD 280 Pros, Sony’s MDR 7506’s are well worth the few extra dollars for their stamina, sound, and reputation.


Finally, Direct Sound’s Ex-29 Isolating Headphones, offer a closed back high quality solution for essentially any monitoring environment. The Ex-29’s padded ear cushions dually provide comfort for long tracking sessions as well as extreme noise isolation. High fidelity input speakers reproduce sound on a professional level no matter what your studio or recording desires. These headphones come around the same price as Sony’s MDR 7506’s and may be the best option for you depending on your needs.


Mastering Your Pursuit for the Perfect Headphones



Though this short guide offers some insight into what to look for and some of the most popular and highest quality choices for studio headphones, this is by no means a complete list and time and research should be put into finding the perfect headphones to achieve the sound you’re looking for. Taking the time to figure out exactly what you’ll be using your headphones for and what specifications you need to pull out the perfect sonic creation you’re looking for will help you in finding the right headphones for your signature studio sound.





Finding the Right Headphones to Achieve the Perfect Sound from Your Studio Work