Headphones versus earphones is a classic debate that has been raging for years. There are people who believe that headphones are far superior to earphones. However, earphone supporters endorse these hearing devices because they believe them to be the best type of hearing product. The following material will present the pros and cons of each type of product.




Headphones are audio devices that usually covers a person’s ears. They are designed to provide optimal audio sound with little or no outside interference. Headphones provides listeners with the best musical or audio experience. People who wear headphones can hear their music in detail and the sound quality is usually great.


There are some drawbacks to wearing headphones. They are bulky and heavy when compared to earphones. Headphones will also mess up a person’s hair (a female’s in particular) and they can irritate a person who wearing earrings. Many people do not run, exercise or train with headphones on because they are impractical for this type of activity.




Earphones are also known as earbuds and they are designed to be lightweight audio devices. They are not useful for delivering high quality music or sounds. However, headphones are best suited for listening to small music devices. They are easy to transport since they only fit inside of a person’s ear canal. Many people work out with headphones because of their lightweight feel.


Earphones are best suited for people who might want some privacy but do not want to be completely shut off from the world. Headphones are great for people who want to drown out outside sounds and be completely lost in a world of music.


General Comparisonsheadphone_vs_earbuds


Headphones are more expensive than earphones and they are more durable. However, they are still prone to break. When they do people will have to pay more money to replace them. Headphones also make people sweat; especially during the summer time. Earphones do not cause this problem but they can be quickly broken because they are so flimsy.


The Verdict


Earphones are easy to wear even though they provide inferior sound. Headphones are best suited for listening to music; even though they are heavy and bulky. Ultimately, headphones are best suited for stationary use at home or within a studio and earphones are best used for travel and for listening to music while on the go.





Headphone vs Earphones Which Is Better