Right on the heels of the uber-popular Solo 2, Powerbeats 2 Wireless is the new on-ear model from Beats. The new product is the Bluetooth version of Powerbeats sports earphones. The company’s original wired Powerbeats have been present in the market for quite some time now. In the recent past, basketball star LeBron James gave them a significant boost by promoting the earphones in a highly memorable US television ad.




The Powerbeats2 are sweatproof. Nonetheless, they are not waterproof. They come in colors black, red, and white. In some ways, the earphones are reminiscent of the initial corded Powerbeats in the sense that they bring with them similar ear hooks that keep them securely in the head.




The performance of these earphones is second to none. Enjoy tracks with powerful sub-bass content. Fill your ears with gobs and gobs of throbbing bass, which sound like those from a club PA. The earphones do not show any form of distortion even on challenging deep bass tracks regardless of how high the volume levels are. In moderate volumes, they produce sounds that are overly bass-heavy, lacking in high, and high-mid frequency definition. The imbalance comes through on other tunes even more prominently.


More freedom


From the court to the street, Powerbeats2 Wireless offer you the utmost freedom to take your workout anywhere. The earphone’s wireless Bluetooth allows you to connect up to thirty feet from your Bluetooth-enabled iPod, Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone. Doing so enables you to move freely and remain focused on your gym session/workout.


The earphones bring with them a rechargeable battery with an impressive six-hour playback that offers you the power to enjoy your music right to the end. Are you empty? If yes, then a quick fifteen-minute fast charge will surely deliver one extra hour of continuous playback.


Prosmaxresdefault (4)


    • Water and sweat resistant


    • Rechargeable six-hour battery


    • Premium sound performance


    • Premium sound performance


    • Smaller, lighter with a flexible ear hook


    • No-slip grip in-line microphone that is perfect for remote calls





    • Do not automatically shut off whenever they are disconnected from a device


    • Relatively expensive


    • Battery life could be much better



Bottom Line


Undeniably, in-ear wireless sports headphones are extremely hard to do right. To be fair, Beats has surely gotten it right in most aspects with their Powerbeats2 Wireless. As much as the Powerbeats2 earphones are overpriced, they are without a doubt one of the best and most fantastic wireless sports earphones the market has to offer.




Review of the Powerbeats2 Earphone Range