The Next Generation in Solo Music


Considered one of the top of the line craftsmen when it comes to headphones, earphones, and speakers for producers and professional musicians, when Beats by Dre makes a pair of headphones for the fans they don’t cop out when it comes to allowing you to hear your favorite artists the way they want to be heard. The Solo headphones have always been a staple of Beats by Dre’s product line dating almost all the way back to the beginning of the company. With the launch of the Solo2s in both wireless and non-wireless Dre ups the ante on this classic model. Below we’ll explore the Beats by Dre Solo2s in depth and look at some pros and cons of the model.


Bring the Beat in!beats-solo-2-3


On the official Beats by Dre website ( the Solo2s are wrote up as having a more dynamic and wider range of sound along with a streamlined design, custom fit, and on the wireless model the ability to adjust volume, change songs, and even take calls without having to reach for your device. The Solo2s mostly hold up to the promises made by the company, providing a sound with deep acoustics and a wide and open tone, a notable advancement on the signature sound of Beats by Dre products.


Though the sound is definitely an improvement from the originals, this is where the Solo2s hit their first snag in my book. These probably won’t be the favorite headphones of audiophiles or producers, as the sound on the Beats Studio and Pros is much clearer and sonically bigger, but the Solo2s can definitely hold their own in their intended market as far as sound quality goes. The advertised ‘Custom fit’ is the other place where I have to hit the Solo2s. Though they do provide a snug ergonomic fit, which is at first nice and comfortable, the headphones become tight and uncomfortable after awhile of use, and may not be the model you want to wear for those long evening walks.


The Solo2 Final Opinion


In the end, the Solo2s hold up as a great option for fans who want the most out of their sound. Though it may not be enough of a sonic boost for use in the studio or to track recordings by professional musicians, for their intended market, in my opinion, these headphones are definitely worth the price and provide just what the casual listener is looking for. The Beats by Dre Solo2s come in wireless and non-wireless, in your selection of nine colors. If you’re thinking of purchasing, I would recommend reading a few different reviews to ensure this is the right headphone option for you, like the one at TechCrunch here: . If you’re a fan who wants to hear the music the way the artists hears it, then these are the headphones for you. 4.5/5





Review of The Solo2 Special Edition By Dre